Quzhou city, which occupies 8844.6 square kilometers land and is in the upstream of QianTang River, and in the west end of Jin-Qu Basin Area, is located in the west of ZheJiang province with the accurate geographical coordinates of eastern longitude 118°01′一119°20′ and northern latitude 28°14′~29°30′.

Quzhou links and connects 4 provinces boundaries, with south end to tie NanPing in FuJian province, with west end to tie ShangRao and JingDeZhen in JiangXi province, with north end to tie HuangShan in AnHui province, with east end to tie Jinhua, LiShui and Hangzhou in ZheJiang province. The Quzhou city controls and manages two districts, KeCheng and QuJiang, and four counties, JiangShan, LongYou, ChangShan and KaiHua.

Quzhou, which has abundant resources and is named as “Miraculous Mountains-Waters, Famous Quzou City” has got more than 150 scenic sports like JiangLang mountain, LanKe mountain, LongYou Grotto and so on. In 1994, the city is named as National Historic and Cultural Famous City by the State Department. In 2012 and 2013, the city was also consecutively listed in the list of The 10 Most Pleasant Cities In China. In the same year of 2013, the city, which was the only nominated administrative city in ZheJiang province, had become one of the First National Circular Economic Model Cities.