Bringing in and Cultivating Talents

Talents are the most important treasure for Xianhe. Cultivating the employees is equal to cultivating the future of Xianhe, caring workers means caring the future of the company. we have been making efforts to better our surroundings for living and studying, to set up the best platforms for practicing and developing for our employees. Made intelligently with craftmanship spiritual. Done collaboratively with knowledge professional.

Because the specialty paper has the features and properties of special functions, high-tech demand, diverse types and customers spreading in different industries, we Xianhe cooperates with experts and researchers from famous universities and institutes to invent and innovate new technology and new paper-making craftsmanship. We are actively involved in the protection of intellectual property right, which leads us to a healthy and different way to prosperity.

Through making plans of bringing in and cultivating talents for the development for the company, we have been cooperating permanently with some universities and institutes to cultivate potential students. With the cooperation, we can convey more talents to the company and in the meantime, we will also offer better platforms for their development.