Having a career to focus, having a nice place to stay and  having a heart to tie, we let all our employees enjoy the fruitful achievement of development.  This is such a promise.

We have got kindergarten, supermarket, tea bars, books bar, gym, basketball court and etc. in our employees-living district.

The union youth league committee  have been organizing various activities, say, calligraphy , photographing, balls, chess, strength-competition games and so on. So the life of our employees are filled with pleasure and abundance.

Especially, we have built a beautiful kindergarten equipped with all necessary and advanced facilities. With the help of the kindergarten, the parents can save the traffic time and avoid the traffic jam on the way to school, so the time of going to work and coming from work is the time of sending kids to school and picking up kids from school. As a result, the parents can devote more time and more energy to the work they are serving. Kindergarten is a grass-garden where kids can learn happily and grow up healthily.