The company has been promoting the concept of clean production. We use the solar technology to generate power in order to supply clean energy for manufacturing. We continuously improve and innovate the production technology in order to better recycling usage rate of water. For the energy use, we intensify to recycle the energy used in the production, so that we can lower the Energy Consumption Per Unit.

    We supply good ideas for new products innovation, bring in new-type professional talents, and lead the industry to the biologically healthy development because we have been keeping on contacting and communicating with academic institutes, products suppliers and our customers.

    Xianhe always insists that: the facility construction for environmental protection is the guarantee for the sustainable development. And the True-meaning of sustainability is to stay with the Nature harmoniously.

    We import foreign pulp as our raw material, cut off the pulp-making process. We are dedicating to forming the recyclable economy, to continuously inventing and innovating now tech and now products, and to gradually decreasing Products Energy Consumption Per Unit. We are fully willing to contribute to the career of environmental protection for the local place, which can achieve the goal of sustainability.